Many people already know that the foundation of their home is arguably the most important part. But did you know that you also need a vapor barrier to create a long-lasting foundation? 

  1. Prevent mold growth. There’s usually a bunch of dirt underneath a home slab. In the summer the soil under the slab can become incredibly dry but in the rainy months, it can become overly saturated. By blocking off the moisture under your home you can prevent mold growth. Without a vapor, barrier moisture can lead to a damp floor, indoor humidity, and mold.
  2. Protect floor coverings from damage. Other serious issues can arise if there is not a vapor barrier with your foundation. Moisture can cause floor coverings like vinyl, wood, carpeting to loosen blister or buckle. This leads to costly repairs.
  3. Improve indoor air quality. You can protect your family from fumes that lead to poor air quality with the proper slab protection.
  4. Prevent pests from entering your home. An additional benefit of installing a vapor barrier is that it can assist in keeping termites and other ground bed bugs out of your home.
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