What’s more fun in a backyard than a trampoline. Trampolines provide hours of entertainment, develop essential skills, and your kids are getting the exercise they certainly need.

Trampolines are fun but they are also responsible for a lot of injuries every year. There are several ways to ensure your family stays safe. From the setup to maintaining and putting trampoline safety rules in place, everyone can have fun and be safe.

  • The setup. Make sure your trampoline is at least 3 feet away from any potential dangers like trees, walls, fences. Add padded mats if it doesn’t come with your trampoline along with a safety net.
  • Location. Place the trampoline over soft ground. Grass, sand, or bark create a soft landing should anyone fall off.
  • Check the trampolines springs, mats, and hardware often.
  • Use the ladder to get on and off the trampoline. There’s a reason why it comes with the ladder. Remove the ladder when there are no adults around to supervise.
  • Be sure to remove all jewelry or anything in the pockets before jumping. Better safe than sorry.
  • Talk about the importance of staying in the center of the trampoline to your children. It reduces the risk of falling and prevents the landing on steel frames at the edge.
  • Remove all shoes before jumping on the trampoline. Jumping barefoot is better than jumping with shoes.
  • There should only be one jumper on the trampoline at a time.

Trampolines are one of the most effective ways to exercise. You can build and strengthen your mouth souls and give a good cardio workout. But use these tips to say safe during any trampoline use.

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