Home maintenance is something that everyone who owns a home will have to deal with. Here is a list of some quick and easy hacks and fixes for those common maintenance issues. 

A loose showerhead – If your showerhead pipe is getting a little loose you can easily fix it by pulling back the flange and applying some expanding foam into the gap around the shower arm. 

Squeaky floors? – First, identify where the cracks are near the squeak. Once you have located the cracks, you can use talcum powder to fill in the gaps. Take a broom and spread the powder all around deep into the gaps and the noise should stop.

Sticky Windows – We all have that window that skips, stutters, or even gets stuck?  How annoying? A quick fix is to spray a bit of silicone lubricant on a rag and lightly coat the window guides.  This works well on all materials, wood, plastic, or metal.

Brown Water Rings – Here’s a trick to get rid of those stains left behind from a leaking roof or ceiling. You can mix 10% of bleach with water and spray this mixture on the stain. Wait 24 hours and watch the state disappear. Be sure to protect your eyes from any spray that might drip overhead.

Use Chalk for Marking – Chalk is a great tool to use when marking the wall. For putting up pictures or doing anything else that requires marking up the wall. You can easily see the markings, and clean up is easy. The markings quickly disappear when wiped with a damp cloth or towel.

Try these típs today and make home maintenance just a little easier. 

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