Homes are sealed better than ever before against air leakage. But if condensation is building on the inside of your home’s windows during the heating season you are not alone. If your windows sweat enough this can lead to ruined window frame finishes and mold growth. Window condensation can also be a sign of low indoor air quality which can also affect your health.

So where does this water come from? When warm air inside meets cooler surfaces on the window outside this condensation can develop. There is a flaw in the vapor barrier of the home. So how can we eliminate the moisture? Here are a few ideas:

  • The easiest approach is to just open a window for a few minutes it’s the cheapest way to solve this extra moisture problem.
  • Make sure that there are proper venting and exhaust fans in use. Bathroom exhaust fans should be run for every shower and bath. 
  • Make sure that the dryer is vented to the outside. It is important that dryers are properly vented so that the excess moisture doesn’t come back into the house.
  • You might need to invest in better-insulated windows. Replacing windows that have better sealing will save you money in the long run.

Following these tips should help to eliminate some of the moisture issues on the windows in your home.

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