What is “curb appeal”? Curb appeal is basically how your home looks from the outside – primarily the front of your home that faces the street. It is how neighbors and passerby’s view of your home. It is more than that though – it is how YOU see your own home. A home with curb appeal is inviting to you and your family, and makes you happy to pull into the driveway. So how do you give your home more cub appeal?

You don’t need a fancy home or a big budget to have a nice looking home from the outside. First thing for curb appeal is maintenance. Elbow grease does a lot for a home. Things like washing the outside of your home regularly, keeping the grass cut, and using a weed trimmer on the edges of sidewalks and the driveway go a long way to making your home look “put together”.

Other cost effective things you can do are to paint your front door red, yellow, or slate grey – colors that are known to make your home look more attractive. You can also make sure other parts of your home are pointed as well, such as trim, handrails, and the like.

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