Hot water heaters need to be cleaned and flushed. But why? Rust and contaminants can sink to the bottom of the tank and build up over time.

Allowing these sediments to build up can result in loss of heating power, failed components such as clogged pipes, or the heating element. There can also be potential health issues for those who use the water. So the best way to get the safest and most dependable use of the water heater is to clean it annually.

How to clean and flush the water heater:

  1. Turn of the power. Drain the water heater. You can do this by connecting a garden hose to the bottom of the tank. If you have a drain pan underneath that is correctly plugged into a drain no hose is necessary. Allow the tank to fully empty before proceeding.
  2. Clean and flush the Tank Use a long narrow brush designed for refrigerator Coils but is excellent for water heater tank cleaning. Insert the brush into the opening where the drain valve was removed. Carefully use the brush to scrape the bottom of the tank and as much of the sides of the tank as you can reach.
  3. Use a plumbing nipple on the drain opening and place a bucket directly below the no pole to let it drain. You can the. See the results of your cleaning empty out.
  4. Turn on the cold water inlet valve and allow the water to run until it’s clear. 

Proper maintenance of the hot water heater will save you lots of money in the long run.

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