We spend hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months, searching for the right home for us and our family. We view the home, negotiate with the sellers, work with mortgagers, and countless other tasks. All of this leads up to one of the final steps – and arguably the most crucial step – the home inspection.

The home inspection is a big part of the transaction. It will show if the home is in the condition you thought it was, or if it will need a lot of work or if it will not be worth your time. Often times, people may take out their frustration on the home inspector because he was the one to find an issue – but that is what we are there for.

A thorough home inspection let’s you get into a home with “eyes wide open”, and make an educated decision. Without a home inspection, you would be relying on the seller’s disclosure ands your own eyes alone. So when you are buying a home, be sure to allocate time and money to schedule a home inspection with a true, professional home inspector who will inspect your property as if it were his own.

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